Avengers: Infinity War Wins Big At The People’s Choice Awards

The people love them some Marvel.

The 44th People’s Choice Awards was held on November 11th which saw plenty of crowd favorites albeit not necessarily critics’ favorite highlighted that evening. Marking the ceremony’s move from CBS to the ever “prestigious” E! following the latter’s acquisition of the ceremony from Procter & Gamble, the event saw one particular film highlighted among the rest. Yeah, the biggest film of the year Avengers: Infinity War was the biggest winner that night (in the film category that is) with 6 nominations and 3 wins.

The juggernaut film which became the event of the summer grossing over $2 billion at the world-wide box-office got a ton of love at the awards show along with fellow Marvel alumni Black Panther. Infinity War managed to get the award for “The Movie of 2018”, “The Action Movie of 2018” and Scarlett Johansson took home the award for “The Female Movie Star of 2018”. I don’t know why they couldn’t just put “Best” instead of “The” cause it can feel pretty weird saying but it’s only The People’s Choice Awards so… whatever.

For “The Movie of 2018”, Infinity War went against the likes of Black Panther, Incredibles 2, A Quiet Place and Fifty Shades Freed (what the f–k?). For “The Action Movie of 2018”, the film went against the likes of Black Panther, Deadpool 2, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (what the f–k?) and Ocean’s 8 (That was an action movie?). God knows why Mission: Impossible- Fallout wasn’t nominated but it’s the People’s Choice Awards and it’s E! so… whatever.

Marvel’s most acclaimed work got some love too with Black Panther getting awards for “The Male Movie Star of 2018” and “The Action Movie Star of 2018” for Chadwick Boseman and Danai Gurira respectively. It was a good year for Marvel to say the least both on box-office numbers and critical reception but it looks like Infinity War is the one that the “people” chose. Then again, it’s the People’s Choice Awards so… whatever.