Olivia Munn Was Chastised For Telling Co-Stars About Predator Sex Offender

Olivia Munn has refused to stay quiet since it was revealed that a sex offender originally appeared with her in the new movie The Predator.

Olivia Munn has said that she experienced a backlash from her co-workers for ousting a convicted sex offender had been cast in their remake of The PredatorEarlier this week, news broke that Munn went to production company 20th Century Fox after finding out that director Shane Black had cast convicted sex offender Steve Wilder to work with her without ever informing her of his background.

Although Black initially stood behind the casting, Fox cut the scene from the finished movie and the filmmaker has since apologised for not giving the cast and crew “a voice in the decision” to hire Wilder.

Olivia Munn is opening up more about feeling isolated from her costars amid The Predator‘s casting controversy. Although Sterling K. Brown and Boyd Holbrook have since publicly offered Munn their support, the actress was initially the only cast member to speak out against director Shane Black casting his longtime friend, actor Steven Wilder Striegel, in The Predator, despite the fact that the actor is a registered sex offender. The scene in which the actor appeared has since been deleted from the film.

Image result for When I did call my co-stars, I got chastised the next day by people at the studio for telling them, and why am I not just, you know, just keeping it quiet, 'it's all going to be okay', 'it got deleted', 'what's the big deal?' And well, it happened.

Munn explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday that she took it upon herself to inform her costars of the news before it was reported in the Los Angeles Times. “It was going to be something that would get out there, so I wanted to give my costars the heads up so they wouldn’t be blindsided like I was,” she said. “I got chastised the next day by people at the studio for telling them, and why am I not just keeping it quiet? It’s gonna be OK, it got deleted, what’s the big deal?”

But following the initial conversation and the article being published, Munn said none of her co-stars reached out. “Nobody talked to me. Nobody reached out that whole day. At first, I thought maybe it was just because they don’t know what to say, they wanted to say it out of the way, but privately I did feel iced out,” she said.

After Munn’s quotes were published, Brown and Holbrook released separate statements of support towards Munn, as well as apologies for not speaking out earlier.

The Predator is in theaters Friday.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show