Iron-Man 3 Director Expresses Interest In Directing CW’s Supergirl

That’s unexpected.

Shane Black is a prominent creative force in the world of action and crime films having directed classics like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and written the action masterpiece that is Lethal Weapon. In more recent years he’s still going strong with the upcoming Predator film along with the acclaimed crime film The Nice Guys and his superhero effort with Iron-Man 3. His efforts in Iron-Man 3 was pretty divisive with that dumb Mandarin twist (that’s just my opinion) but it seems that Black is still expressing some interest in the superhero genre but in television shows.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Collider asked Black what television series he would like to direct if he had the time and was given the chance. With Black’s more mature work in mind, it was a surprise when he revealed that he would be interested in the CW series, Supergirl. He said:

“You wouldn’t want to take a show that already has a style. Like Homeland is so great, I love Homeland, but you probably want to take something more like Supergirl. And just do one episode that’s just like, ‘What the…what?’”

Well, that’s interesting considering that Supergirl isn’t really something you’d associate Shane Black’s directing style with (Iron-Man 3 not included). He’s apparently pretty into the show and also another DC television series, The Flash. He further explains:

“Actually, one weekend I put it on and for some reason, over the next two weeks, I watched the first two seasons of Supergirl. And actually thought, “You know this is a pretty entertaining show.” And The Flash, same thing.”

It would be nice to see how Black takes on the shows and how he’d offer up his own unique twist to things. Hopefully it wouldn’t be like that Mandarin twist, geez! However, I wouldn’t be too hyped just yet since we’re about to see if his upcoming Predator film will be able to rejuvenate the franchise.

The Predator is set to be released on September 14, 2018


Source: Collider