Zack Snyder Reveals The Joker Killed Dick Grayson

What a swerve this is.

Zack Snyder proved pretty early in Batman v Superman that he wasn’t afraid of making bold moves with beloved comic book characters by murdering Jimmy Olsen without giving him so much as a backstory. Naturally, fans were a little pissed.

Notoriously, he also killed Robin as part of Batman’s tragic backstory and had his suit preserved as a monument to his own failings in the Batcave. Despite the set-up of the Joker being the killer and the apparent suggestion that we might be heading to a Jason Todd/Red Hood sort of storyline, the murder didn’t lead anywhere at all.

But now Zack Snyder has confirmed that it wasn’t even Jason Todd who had been killed. He announced on his Vevo that it was actually original Robin Dick Grayson who was the fallen comrade when responding to a comment about a Suicide Squad deleted scene.

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It’s unclear what Snyder’s full vision was for the original Robin, and whether director Matt Reeves will keep that element in his Batman movie.

While Snyder “confirmed” the identity of the dead Robin with this comment, it doesn’t really matter in the long run. Seeing as how the director is no longer a part of the live-action DC universe, Warner Bros. can essentially erase that plot thread going forward, if the studio even chooses to keep any of the film’s continuity in the first place.

Source: Zack Snyder (via ComicBook Debate)