Justice League Snyder Cut

Check Out Superman in His Black Suit in the New Justice League Snyder Cut Footage

Okay, not gonna lie, despite not championing the Justice League Snyder Cut, I turned into a squealing 15-year-old kid when I saw Superman in his black suit in this clip that was unveiled at the Justice Con (virtual) event. The clip opens with the camera zoomed in tight on a glass of whiskey, before cutting to Alfred’s (Jeremy Irons) face and the glorious reveal of Superman (Henry Cavill), donning an all-black suit. The clip ends with Superman saying, “I’m assuming you’re Alfred.”

So, if you haven’t seen the clip yet, check it out below:


Since it was confirmed by Zack Snyder that the Justice League Snyder Cut is indeed official and will be hitting HBO Max in 2021, the director has been slowly teasing us with some intriguing footage. Now, we’ve argued to death whether or not this “Snyder Cut” should’ve even been greenlit in the first place, but since it’s coming our way whether we like it or not, I’ve decided to just sit back and enjoy all the marketing efforts, and hope that the final product is worth all the hooha.

What’s even more interesting is Snyder saying that he will not be using a single shot by Joss Whedon in the version we see on HBO Max. In a moment of brutal honesty, Snyder said:

”I would destroy the movie, I would set it on fire, before I would use a single frame that I did not photograph. That is a fucking hard fact. I literally would blow that thing up, if I thought for a second…Anything you see in this movie that reminds you of the theatrical release — which again, famously, I literally have never seen — would be because that was a thing that I had done, and was being borrowed for whatever, that Frankenstein’s monster that you got in the theatre.”