Justice League: VFX Reel Shows The Flash Slicing Through Parademons

Why was this not in the film?.

There are a variety of aspects that could have attributed to Justice League‘s failure including Zack Snyder’s departure from the project which saw Joss Whedon overseeing re-shoots and post-production duties. It could have just been the lackluster narrative, weak villain or even the less than stellar action set pieces. For a film like this, you would at least expect it to deliver balls out in the action department right? Well, the action was in the end, just alright. In case you’re still wondering if Justice League could have been much better that the finished product we got, well, good news, it honestly could have or at least a little bit in the action department.

Some fans may have enjoyed the action in the film and that’s fine cause the action was pretty alright but it could have been a lot better based off a VFX reel featuring The Flash tearing through parademons in the film. VFX artist Nicholas Hogan shared an animation reel on his Vimeo featuring scenes from a variety of films he worked on, one of them being Justice League.

The montage featured The Flash in the film’s third action set piece with the other members of the Justice League. In the scene, he tears through a number of the parademons on the ground before taking the last one out in a close up. He then runs up the walls of the building, tearing through a number of them. Now, some of this was actually cut and it was only a second’s worth or so and although that may seem like a little, it was actually a pretty damn cool second. The wide shot wall run is the one in question here and that was probably the coolest aspect in that scene but it was unfortunately cut from the final product of the film.

It would have definitely offered a little more for that scene instead of another slow-mo we’ve already seen way too many times in the DCEU. It wasn’t even that long so it didn’t seem like a much of a problem to put it there. Flash is fast (understatement, I know) but in the film, he kind of just shows up on the wall and this little second could have added something to bridge the gap. It’s pretty obvious that we wouldn’t hear the end of Justice League till the DCEU gives us a good next entry so let’s just hope for them to make the right choices there.


Source: Nicholas Hogan/Vimeo