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The Batman Teaser is Haunting and Brutal

The first teaser to Matt Reeves’ The Batman was dropped at DC FanDome and holy shit, does it look incredible. The teaser is haunting and brutal, and because Matt Reeves is at the helm, I’m confident that this isn’t tone or aesthetics. Reeves, who helmed the latter two of the brilliant Planet of the Apes trilogy is a director who always digs into the heart and soul of his characters. And if the teaser trailer is anything to go by, Reeves has taken a similar approach with The Batman. For starters, it presents Bruce Wayne as a deeply tortured soul — at one point he ruthlessly beats up a thug as if he was born to do that.

The film also looks to be — as previously indicated by those involved in the project — a gritty crime thriller more that will highlight one of the Caped Crusader’s comic book personas that has largely been ignored on the big screen: He’s the world’s greatest detective.

Also, I’m happy to report — not that I had a shred of doubt, to begin with — that Robert Pattinson absolutely kicks ass in the teaser, and I’m sure he will in the film, as well. The whole, “WB hired a gay sparkly vampire to play Batman,” is a tired argument that does not hold weight. Pattinson is one of the most underrated actors working today. Don’t believe me? Just watch Good Time, The Rover and The Lighthouse.

But first, check out the epic teaser trailer of The Batman:

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