Stranger Things Season 3 Will Be A Coming Of Age Story Centred Around Eleven

Cast shares some things to expect for Season 3.

Stranger Things is probably THE show to watch if you’re into a classic coming of age adventure films of the 1980s. The series has developed a large fan base since its first season and the events of season 2 are keeping audiences hyped for more. Not much is known about what the story of the third season of Stranger Things would be but it seems that there will be a larger emphasis on the coming of age aspects especially in regards to the character of Eleven.

Season 2’s final moments have provided fans with a sense of closure especially with season 1’s somewhat cliffhanger ending. With everything returning to ‘normal’ and Eleven attending school, everything seems to work out well in Hawkins but that’s never the case with a series titled Stranger Things.

According to reports from Variety, Millie Bobby Brow who plays Eleven in the critically acclaimed series spoke on the panel of Netflix’s FYSee event and discusses a lot of what to expect from the upcoming season. She spoke about her character:

It’s really a coming of age story for her and understanding what being a normal teenage girl is“.

The panel also included co-star Noah Schnapp and Stranger Things director Shawn Levy. Brown also spoke on the processes involved to bring out the character:

 “I found another side of my acting that I didn’t know about. I found techniques on how to cry and how to get angry, and I learned so much from Eleven, from those episodes of being isolated, that when I’m back Season 3, things happen — stranger things happen.”

There seems to be an emphasis this time on the personal stories of the characters, particularly Eleven but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a teen drama by any means. Brown’s words also indicate that more things are about to brew—stranger things…

If anything, her character would go through a lot more this time around having been adjusted to the life of a regular teen. This would allow for much bigger stakes surrounding the relationship between Mike and Eleven and how the events of season 3 would affect them. One thing that needs to be done, however, is to MAKE WILL BYERS USEFUL! That kid has been nothing but trouble since day one.


Source: Variety