Check Out Hans Zimmer’s Extended Version of the Netflix Logo Music

The sound that accompanies the Netflix logo has become iconic. Da-dum! Simple, but effective and certainly memorable. In the long run, it will probably be as recognisable as the music that accompanies the 20th Century Fox logo or the Disney castle. The problem is, when Netflix films like Marriage Story or The Irishman get a limited theatrical release, the two-second score (if we can call it that) doesn’t work as well. 

And since there are more and more Netflix films that get a limited theatrical run these days, particularly during awards season, the streaming giant wanted a new track — one that is longer but still maintains the essence of the minimalist sound design. 

Insert Hans Zimmer. 

Hans Zimmer is of course a veteran film composer who has given us some of the best film score albums of all time. We’re talking Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstellar, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman V Superman, etc. And Netflix commissioned Zimmer to extend their opening theme for theatres. 

The result? Well, it’s Hans Zimmer — of course, it’s good! Have a listen below: