The Batman - Robert Pattinson

Matt Reeves’ The Batman Will Focus on Emotion and the Soul of the Character

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is perhaps the comic book film I’m most excited to see next. Despite it being about a character that we’ve seen various iterations of on the big screen, the very fact that Matt Reeves is sitting behind the wheel, makes me salivate in anticipation. Reeves is a brilliant director. His previous two films, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War For the Planet of the Apes, is arguably some of the best Sci-Fi / fantasy films of the past two decades. With War For the Planet of the Apes in particular, Reeves could’ve easily made it an all-out action spectacle, but instead, he chose a path that is more resonant, by exploring the psyche and emotions of the characters.

And it certainly looks like he’s taking a similar approach with The Batman. In an interview with Den of GeekThe Batman co-writer, Mattson Tomlin, spoke about the kind of filmmaker Reeves is and what he wants to do with this comic book property.

“It’s the early days. I think that, first of all, it’s a younger version than the most recent versions that we’ve seen… I think that Matt Reeves as a filmmaker, if you look at any of his work, whether or not it’s Let Me In or Cloverfield or the Planet of the Apes movies, he’s always coming from a point of emotion, it’s never the big action thing. It’s always, what is this character’s soul?”

The Batman
Tomlin also spoke about how everything about the Batman character is tied to Bruce Wayne’s childhood trauma — witnessing the death of his parents.

“I think that really looking at Batman as somebody who has gone through this trauma, and then everything that he’s doing is then a reaction to that, rather than shy away from that, I think this film leans into that in some very fun and surprising ways,” Tomlin said. “I think that’s all I can say without getting yelled at.”