Netflix Users Only Stream 2% of its Content Each Year On Average

If you’re a Netflix user, you know that the streaming platform has a crap ton of content. So much of content, that it’s sometimes difficult to pick something to watch. But just how much of content does Netflix actually stream? Recently, did a study to determine just how much content is actually on the streaming giant, as well as how much of the available content on the streaming giant, does the average subscriber actually watch.

According to the findings, the current Netflix US library contains about 36 667 hours of content. Which means, it would take a whopping four years, two months and eight days of continuous streaming to consume all of the available content. (Note that we should look at these numbers more of an approximate since the platform is constantly adding and removing stuff from their library.) The study also found that the average viewer only watches 2% of the Netflix library in a year, which is about 730 hours of content.

Another interesting thing the study found is that other streaming platforms cannot hold a candle to Netflix when it comes to sheer volume of content. Currently, Disney+ has about 744 unique titles (content you can’t find on other streaming platforms), Hulu has 2657, while Netflix has 5400 unique titles.