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Batwoman: Here’s Why Ruby Rose Left the Show

A couple of days ago it was reported that Ruby Rose had decided to leave CW’s Batwoman just after one season. It’s currently unclear if the network will recast the established Kate Kane character (ala Rachel Dawes in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy) or if we will be introduced to a completely new character. At the time, we also did not know why exactly Ruby Rose had decided to exit the show.

Now, we’ve got some updates courtesy of TVLine. According to the site, Rose wasn’t entirely happy with her time on the show. It came down to two reasons. One, Rose apparently did not like the demanding filming schedule that Batwoman required. Two, she also did not like the show’s Vancouver filming location. Rose reportedly did not adjust too well to living there as well as the long hours required from a lead of a TV drama.

What’s interesting is that this was more of a two-way mutual breakup than Rose just bidding sayonara out of nowhere. Sources told TVLine the following:

It wasn’t 100-percent her decision. It was a breakup. She wasn’t happy working on the show, and did that make her fun to work with? No. So everyone decided it would be in the best interests of the show, and for all concerned, if they parted ways. It just wasn’t a good fit.

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