James McAvoy Expresses Interest In Playing The Riddler

God knows we need a proper Riddler after what we saw in Batman Forever.

With Matt Reeves developing a Batman project centered on a younger Bruce Wayne, it’s safe to say that we might be seeing some new faces in the DC Universe moving forward. There has been speculation on who will be playing the Caped Crusader with word that Robert Pattinson is being considered for the role but it looks like the Dark Knight’s supporting characters are also part of the discussion. Recently, Ralph Fiennes expressed interest in playing Alfred Pennyworth in the next live-action Batman film so that’s pretty awesome. A while back, Josh Gad expressed interest in playing Penguin but now it looks like we have another actor who might be interested in being a part of the DC Universe and that actor is James McAvoy.

McAvoy is known for playing the younger Professor X in the X-Men film series along with some other notable roles including Kevin Wendell Crumb in Split and Glass. Actually, he kinda played “multiple characters” in those last two films if you know what I mean so the dude has some serious acting chops. Now, it looks like he doesn’t mind taking his talents to DC, expressing interest in playing Edward Nygma aka The Riddler.

The RiddlerDuring a live Q&A on Instagram (Courtesy of Fandom on Twitter), McAvoy was asked who he’d like to play in the DC Universe to which he responded, after some thought:

“The Riddler, maybe? Always liked him when I was growing up… that would be cool. I’ve always thought DC does really good bad guys”

That doesn’t mean he’s definitely going to do it nor does it mean that we’ll be seeing The Riddler anytime soon on the big screen but it does open up some possibilities. God knows we need a proper Riddler after what we witnessed from Jim Carrey in Batman Forever. McAvoy will probably be able to pull it off since we know he’s a great actor. if Warner Bros. needs a Riddler, they know where to look.


Source: Instagram , Fandom/Twitter