Mary Poppins Returns Trailer Looks Like It Will Capture The Magic Of The Original

Hopefully, it’ll be just as good as the classic.

The trailer for Mary Poppins Returns has been dropped and it looks like it would serve up a worthy follow-up to the original Mary Poppins way back in 1964. This time around Poppins will be played by Emily Blunt as she returns to London to see Michael and Jane Banks all grown up. Micheal still lives with his three children in Cherry Tree Lane and it looks like things aren’t going all that well after his wife passed away.

The trailer captures plenty of magic as seen in the original Julie Andrews classic with of course advancements in technology making things look like a film from 2018 which isn’t really a huge surprise. Poppins still has that disciplinary wit with we saw in the original film and looks like she’s back to bring cheer (Or something like that) into a house that is seemingly falling apart. She is joined by a couple of weirdos including lamplighter Jack whom the trailer makes pretty certain will fill in the shoes of Bert played by Dick Van Dyke in the original (who is also in the film as Mr. Dawes Jr.) along with Poppins’ cousin Topsy played by Meryl Streep.

Yep, the trailer does have the magic and the fun hand-drawn animation that made the original such an enjoyable film but it also has some CGI stuff too cause might as well since it’s 2018. We got a little taste of the music we’re going to listen to in the film but not all that much cause let’s not ruin much of the surprise.

With Christopher Robin and now this, it looks like Disney has a theme this year and although Christopher Robin was alright, hopefully this one will be able to the capture the essence of what made these characters great. Emily Blunt definitely has some serious shoes to fill as Julie Andrews practically made the character but Blunt is talented and director Rob Marshall has a good reputation with musicals with the likes of Chicago and Into the Woods, so this may be great.


Source: Walt Disney Studios