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New Trailer For Riverdale Season 3 Features Some Cult Stuff

Might get weirder this season.

Get ready kids, everyone’s favorite overtly dramatized teen, drama, thriller…. I don’t know, series will be rolling around soon. Riverdale season 3 is set to grace the screens this October and we now have a new trailer to get the Gen Z-ers hyped for another fun adventure with Archie and the Gang! The Riverdale “Middle of the Night” Trailer is 42 seconds long but it does have some interesting things to note about in regards to what we can expect in season 3.

After Archie (KJ Apa) was arrested after being framed for the murder in season 2, it looks like there will be a time jump for season 3 based off the San Diego Comic-Con trailer and features the ‘gang’ going for a little vacation following what Archie referred to as the “worst summer ever”. From what we know here though, the season looks like it’ll explore what happened right after Archie’s arrest and there’s plenty of other weird s–t too.

The trailer obviously features some emo pop crap and has Archie in cuffs along with clips of the main characters including Archie himself, Veronica (Camila Mendes), Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse)  taking a vacation and well, frolicking around. One interesting thing to note from this is that Archie has a serpents tattoo! Yeah, it seems like Archie has joined the Southside Serpents so things are definitely not the same in The Town with Pep. Also, it looks like things are getting reeeaaaalyyy weird as the trailer shows glimpses of a cult ritual featuring s–t you’ve seen in plenty of horror films before.

Riverdale has been pretty weird and a little over-the-top but that’s the reason the fans love it. There’s plenty of love for this series and fans are definitely going to have a good time this season.


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