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Venom: New TV Spot Has Carlton Drake Hunting Down Eddie Brock

A lot ridding on this film.

There’s a lot riding on Sony and Marvel’s upcoming Venom film starring Tom Hardy as the titular character. It’s safe to say there’s plenty of hype for the film and with Tom Hardy on board, it does seem like it has the potential to deliver a promising incarnation of the comic book character.

We got a couple of trailers for the film and it does seem like Sony is marketing the s–t out of it meaning they definitely want audiences to take notice of this. A TV Spot for the film just dropped featuring footage that we’ve seen in the trailers before but with a little more focus on the character of Carlton Drake played by Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler and Four Lions) hunting down Eddie Brock.

Drake has referred to the alien race as “symbiotes” in the trailers but this time around, he is referring to it as “creature”. With the line “Bring me my creature.”, it’s definitely stressing Drake’s further plans for the Symbiotes and the entity he created when fusing it with Eddie Brock. It sure as hell seems like Drake is being set up to be one evil motherf–ker as it’s quite clear that he plans to make an army of super-soldiers with the Symbiotes.

We can expect a lot more little teases to drop for this film with its release date inching closer and closer. This film is looking to really bring Sony back to its feet in regards to its Marvel Universe so this film could either make them or break them.


Venom is set to be released on October 5, 2018