Pet Sematary

New Pet Sematary Trailer Has Tons Of Frightening Moments

Perhaps too much for a trailer.

A new trailer for the upcoming Pet Sematary based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name has just been released and it’s revealing way too much. The Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer directed film stars Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz and John Lithgow. The film follows a doctor who moves his family to the country cause, why the hell not? They then discover that they have moved near a pet cemetery that lies on an ancient burial ground (of course). From there, plenty of insane s–t goes down, s–t that’s kinda been spoiled in this trailer.

Much like any other King fan, I was looking forward to Pet Sematary and the first trailer proved pretty creepy in itself. This latest one shows us much of what is in the synopsis but in addition to that, the trailer shows us plenty of scares and reveals which should have been saved for the film itself. If you want a sense of mystery going into this, do not check it out but if you don’t care, here it is below:

YouTube video

The trailer is still pretty spooky and frightening however but some of those scenes were a tad bit unnecessary to include. This doesn’t mean that Pet Sematary will be bad but it does give away some of the “surprises”… or does it? If there’s more we haven’t seen yet, terrific! but yeah, feels like there was too much in this trailer. There are two other King adaptations coming this year with It: Chapter Two and Doctor Sleep so they’re bound to get one of them right.


Source: Movieclips Trailers