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[Trailer] My Chemical Romance Frontman Wrote a Superhero Comic Book; Now Coming to Netflix

And it looks completely weird and bonkers… in other words TAKE OUR MONEY!

The trailer (below) for Netflix’s new superhero TV series, The Umbrella Academy looks completely mental, like it’s made by the love child of Matthew Vaughn and an emo rockstar, who’s high on LSD. In other words, take all of our damn money!

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We love just how unabashedly kooky and dark it is. That’s exactly how the comic books were as well. Interestingly enough, the comics were written by My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way. If you ever wondered what an MCR song would look like in comic book form, well that’s pretty much The Umbrella Academy in a nutshell.

The trailer opens with a voiceover: In October 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth. None of these women had been pregnant when the day first began. Talk about an introduction! Some of these babies will end up being dysfunctional young adults with superpowers. And when one of them gets a vision that the world’s gonna end in just eight days… well, you know the rest.

Batshit crazy tone aside, our excitement is also piqued cause of the inclusion of Ellen Page as one of the titular characters, Vanya Hargreeves. The highly talented Page is of course known for her performances in Juno, Inception and the X-Men film franchise. Other cast members include Tom Hopper, Mary J. Blige, Robert Sheehan and many more.

What makes us worried, though, is writer Jeremy Slater, whose previous works include penning the screenplay for Fantastic Four (2015) and the Americal live-action adaptation of Death Note. Barf! But thankfully, he’ll be working under the guidance of Primetime Emmy Award nominee Steve Blackman, who will be running the show. Blackman previously produced Fargo and Legion — another zany comic book adaptation — among many others.

The Umbrella Academy will be dropping on Netflix this February 15th.