Sony Reportedly Considering Into The Spider-Verse Television Series

Please make it a noir Sony!.

The critical and commercial success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse opened the doors to a lot of opportunities for Sony. The animated film has been garnering some accolades of late in the animated category and it’s safe to say that it possibly one of the best comic book films of the decade and god knows we’ve seen a lot of them. With how much love the film’s been getting, you could definitely expect more films in the future especially with the various Spider-people involved.

Into the Spider-Verse saw a number of Spider-people from other alternate universes introduced as our protagonist Miles Morales learns the ropes from the O.G. Spidey, Peter Parker himself. With Spider-people like Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Gwen, Sp//dr and Spider-Ham, Sony has a lot to choose from. Sony already has plans for film spin-offs surrounding some of the characters but it looks like they don’t wanna limit themselves with film as they may be considering bringing the Spider-Verse to television according to a new report.

The New York Times provided an account of Sony’s plan for the future in regards to the entertainment division highlighting some upcoming film projects in the process. The report mentioned some of their planned films including a Morbius film along with a Black Cat and Silver Sable film. However, one more interesting thing to note is that Sony is also considering making an animated television series based on the characters introduced in Into the Spider-Verse.

It is unsure which one they would be choosing or if this is actually going to happen but if they do, they have some cool characters to choose from. However, I gotta admit… a Spider-Man Noir television series sounds awesome. His appearance along with some of the other Spidey people in the film was relatively brief but damn, that would be something cool to check out. Granted, the series would likely go a lighter in tone unlike the darker source material to align with the tone of Into the Spider-Verse so… yeah. However, the film was great and we can expect a franchise to be built… so let’s hope no one catches Spider fatigue.


Source: The New York Times