Venom Sequel In The Works With Original Writer Returning

Take that as you will.

Last year’s Venom starring Tom Hardy was a fairly interesting affair in the cinemas providing us with an interesting(?) take on the iconic Marvel character. Critical reception for the film may not have been spectacular but the film can be argued to be relatively enjoyable. Despite the negative critical reception, the film proved widely successful at the box-office and that mid-credits scene teased a possible sequel with the inclusion of Carnage played by Woody Harrelson.

With how the film performed at the box-office, one would assume that Sony would be developing a sequel sometime. That may very well be the case as a sequel is moving forward with some of the names attached to the original returning including its writer.

According to Variety, Sony has brought back screenwriter Kelly Marcel to pen the script to the Venom sequel. Sources close to the negotiation have told Variety that Marcel’s deal is a significant one although no official number has been disclosed. Marcel served as producer for the first film and will serve as executive producer to the sequel. Sony has declined to comment.

Hardy will reprise his role as Eddie Brock and Michelle Williams is expected to return along with Woody Harrelson who will portray Carnage in the sequel. Director Ruben Fleischer might not be returning for the sequel however due to his involvement in Zombieland 2 so we might be getting a sequel that may differ from the original. Aside from Venom, Marcel’s other credits include the pretty good Saving Mr. Banks and the dogs–t Fifty Shades of Grey so yeah, take this news as you will.


Source: Variety