Shazam! Star Shares New Poster For DCEU Movie And Teases New Trailer

We’ll probably get more info on the film later on (hopefully).

The upcoming Shazam!¬†from the DCEU is quite possibly one of 2019’s most anticipated films. The DCEU looks like it’s taking a turn for the better with the upcoming Aquaman film which is getting some pretty positive early reactions so far. Shazam!‘s release next April can really bring something good for the franchise following its run of less than stellar films for some time (Expect for Wonder Woman). The film’s trailer does promise us something interesting from the DCEU with the flick’s premise and tone but we’re bound to get a second trailer for the film pretty soon.

Yeah, we’ll probably get another trailer or maybe even two but with the information we have, it already sounds interesting. Then again, information on the film’s narrative is still relatively scarce but we’re probably going to learn more pretty soon. In the meantime, we can look at this new Shazam! poster posted by star Zachary Levi himself on Instagram with a little tease for the new trailer. Check it out below:

This poster clearly looks awesome especially with the “Just Say the Word” tagline but what really stands out is Levi’s tease on the trailer. Although he doesn’t reveal a date and the new year can mean anytime in the new year, we can expect the new trailer to arrive sometime next month (Hopefully). It would probably be in January (I hope) cause Shazam! is set to be released on April 5th next year so the second trailer would no doubt build some hype moving forward.


Source: Zachary Levi/Instagram