Steppenwolf Was Originally a Huge Part of Suicide Squad

Not sure that would have made it better…

Director David Ayer has revealed that he originally planned to have Justice League‘s Steppenwolf appear in Suicide Squad.

Ayer responded to a piece of concept art showing Steppenwolf in Suicide Squad. The original poster then asserted that Steppenwolf could have actually been in the team-up movie. Ayer then confirmed that the movie originally planned to include the villain, saying, “This is right. Enchantress was under the control of a mother box and Steppenwolf [sic] was prepping an invasion with a boom tube. Had to lose that then the JL story arcs evolved.”

Image result for Steppenwolf Invasion

Ayer then went on to explicitly state, “Steppenwolf was the original boss fight.” However, the villain from Apokolips’ influence wouldn’t have just been felt at the end of the film. Instead, Enchantress’ minions were actually originally intended to be parademons, according to Ayer.

As Suicide Squad had major story problems, one could assume that the removal, last minute or not) of Steppenwolf and the Parademons may have affected the overall quality. Enchantress was not a very compelling villain and her cliched evil arc of blue light shooting into the sky didn’t help the matter.

With James Gunn set to take over the reins for Suicide Squad 2, however, you can probably rest assured that the franchise is in for a major course correction.