Robin Hood Bombs At The Box-Office

Not really surprising.

The new Robin Hood film starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx will likely never go down in history as anything… simple as that. The latest take on the classic heroic outlaw who robs from the rich to give to the poor has seen numerous incarnations from animated to live-action with some being good and some being pretty crap. Sadly, this latest outing falls in the latter category earning some seriously negative critical reception. However, critical reception doesn’t always align with box-office earnings but sadly, this one does.

According to The Wrap, Lionsgate’s Robin Hood is turning out to be the year’s biggest box-office bomb with a $22 million worldwide gross over its first five days in theaters against a budget of just below $100 million. That’s not a very good look for the film as there’s little to no chance the film would be able to recuperate its budget with numbers like that.

The film is definitely one hell of a flop unless it pulls of some miracle later on which seems unlikely considering the critical reception the film’s been getting. This is pretty messed up as other films that can consider their earnings underwhelming still managed to rake in numbers over their budget such as The Predator and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Let’s be honest here, this was expected cause at this point, who really wants to see another Robin Hood film? If anyone were to give a s–t about another one, the critical reception for it needs to be fantastic and even with a Rotten Tomatoes score above 70, it’s unlikely that this would still be given a ton of limelight. Maybe Hollywood should just stop this s–t and start focusing on more original content cause god knows we need more of that.


Source: The Wrap