Jared Leto Prepares Himself For Morbius, The Living Vampire Movie

Let’s hope he nails this one.

Sony seems pretty confident now with their Marvel universe as the Morbius, the Living Vampire film starring Jared Leto look like it’s definitely happening. Following the box-office success of Venom, the spin-off following bio-chemist Dr. Michael Morbius who gains vampiric abilities, becoming an anti-hero in the process is moving foward and would likely start filming pretty soon.

Jared Leto playing Morbius may raise some questions as to whether he can pull it off since his last portrayal as a comic book character was not really the best. Of course we’re gonna talk about his portrayal as the Joker in the abysmal Suicide Squad which was not really his fault but let’s not forget that this guy is an Oscar winning actor with plenty of talent. We can be assured that Leto will deliver something special in the Morbius film as he is getting ready for it.

In a video on Leto’s official Twitter account, we see the actor preparing himself for his role in the upcoming film. We don’t see him in costume or whatever but he’s basically showing us that he’s getting ready to take him on starting with a full shave. We see him, shaving his facial hair in a comical fashion before going completely shaven. The video then cuts to a close-up image of Morbius’ fangs indicating that he’s physically prepared to play the character. Check it out below:

Leto is no doubt a good actor and we can definitely expect him to deliver a great Morbius. Granted, it’s still hard to say if the film would be good since Venom, despite its box-office success wasn’t exactly fantastic. Maybe Sony will get this one done right and perhaps in the future, his Joker would be on point too.


Source: Jared Leto/Twitter