Venom Beats Justice League At The Box-Office

A big win for Sony.

The critics can say whatever they want about Venom but you gotta admit, it’s box-office numbers are pretty good for what it is. Yeah, the critically panned Tom Hardy led comic book flick gained a good amount of cash and with no proper franchise to build off of, the film had a lot riding on its shoulders and Sony had to deliver. Unlike another film which had a somewhat recognizable (at the very least) franchise behind it, Justice League can draw some parallels to the film but it looks like the anti-hero flick edges that one over by its box-office numbers.

According to Box Office Mojo, Venom currently has a worldwide box-office gross of over $673 million beating the long-anticipated Justice League which grossed a little over $657 million. That may not seem like a big difference but if you look at it from the amount of money put in into making individual films along with the amount of hype surrounding it, the Marvel flick comes out on top.

For one thing, Venom is still in cinemas so it’s still not done raking in that cash but Justice League had its run and didn’t manage to succeed as well as it should. Venom had a budget of a $100 million to $116 million whereas Justice League had a whopping $300 million budget making it one of the most expensive films ever made. Justice League had the “Justice League” brand supporting it which would make it a must watch for a lot but looks like it wasn’t really.

Both films were not received too well critically either with Venom getting a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes whereas Justice League did much better with a 40% rating. So, I guess the League has something going for it(?). However, the audience ratings are much better for both with the former garnering a 87% score and the latter getting a 73%. Whatever it is, Sony should be pretty happy with the dollars they’re raking and perhaps a sequel would be on the way.


Source: Box Office Mojo , Rotten Tomatoes