Early Reactions For Ralph Breaks The Internet Are Mostly Positive

This film looks like it would be entertaining at the very least.

Ralph Breaks the Internet looks pretty intriguing with its attempt at tackling the World Wide Web in its narrative. The trailer for the film hints at some pretty fun stuff, stuff that’s pretty familiar to anyone who’s used the internet which as we all know, is basically everyone with a screen in their homes (Maybe your great great grandma isn’t all too familiar though). The film is a sequel to 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph, which saw a fun little take on arcade games with plenty of heart to it. Now, we’re seeing a sequel being released very soon and you gotta wonder if it would be able to deliver.

Some critics and film journalists have gotten a chance to check out the film and early reactions point to something pretty good for the most part from Disney‘s latest animated fare. Check out some of the early responses for Ralph Breaks the Internet below:

This sounds pretty good so far as these reactions are pointing to a pretty satisfying sequel for the most part. However, not all the responses have been great as Meg Downey seems to have not been a big fan of the film.

Well, you can’t please everyone but this film looks like it might be satisfying enough for a good time at the cinemas. The film looks like its tackling some interesting themes surrounding internet culture so maybe it has a thing or two to say that would resonate with some people. However, it could come off as preachy to some so maybe there might be some problems there. Whatever it is, we’ll find out once it’s out.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is scheduled to be released on November 21, 2018


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