Marvel Studios Hires Wonder Woman 1984 Writer For Untitled Project

What could it be?.

It’s pretty obvious that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is faring much better than their DC counterpart with not just more films and more money, but with more critically well received films. One film in the DCEU did very well however, and that’s Wonder Woman which was released last year. The sequel Wonder Woman 1984, also has a ton of hype surrounding it but it looks like it has an employee working on the other side as well.

The MCU’s Phase 4 is still a mystery much like Avengers 4 itself albeit the Avengers still has a decent amount of information to work on. Spider-Man: Far From Home looks like the one to kick off Phase 4 but there’s more plans on the way cause it’s well, Marvel. It looks like one of those plans have something to do with Wonder Woman 1984 writer, David Callaham.

That Hashtag Show reports that Wonder Woman 1984‘s screenwriter, Callaham has been hired by Marvel Studios to write an upcoming and yet to be announced film. Callaham has been credited with several films, a number of them being blockbusters including The Expendables, Godzilla and of course the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel. He’s no stranger to the MCU either having done some uncredited work on Ant-Man and it looks like he’s coming back.

It’s pretty clear that speculations would arise as to what he would be doing but we can cross out Black Panther 2 and Black Widow as they already have writers attached to them, the former being director Ryan Coogler himself. The report does speculate that is could be a Dark Avengers script so maybe Callaham may be dabbling in that area.

It could even be something related to the whole Disney-Fox deal that could see the X-Men and Fantastic Four with Marvel Studios’ Avengers. Whatever it is, we’ll find out eventually but for now, eyes are still peeled for some Avengers 4 marketing.


Source: That Hashtag Show