First Look At Henry Cavill As Geralt Of Rivia In The Witcher Series

Wonder if there’ll be some alterations to his look.

Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher series definitely has a lot of hype surrounding it especially due to it being based off one hell of a popular franchise. Based off fantasy book series from Andrzej Sapkowski and also the popular video game series that was based off the books, the story follows a Geralt of Rivia who will be played by Henry Cavill, a Witcher who hunts down monsters and creatures of the like. Sounds simple enough but things are never that simple for epic fantasies.

His tale is joined by close allies including the sorceress Yennefer who will be played Anya Chalotra and Geralt’s apprentice Ciri who will be played by Freya Allan. The upcoming series is created by Lauren Schmidt who produced other Netflix series such as Daredevil and The Defenders. We have a decent amount of information on The Witcher series but now we got a glimpse of Cavill as Geralt.

Netflix released a test footage on Twitter of Cavill as Geralt giving us a first look at the character in the series, donning his signature gear with long white hair. He enters the dark frame and takes a drink from a vial which is likely one of the potions the player is able to ingest in the video games. Check it out below:

Honestly, I’m just wondering if he’s gonna be getting a scar or that rugged beard Geralt is known for in the video games but I guess this works too… maybe. This Geralt does seem a lot younger unlike what we’re used to in The Witcher games but other than that, things seems to be pretty much correct. He does look a little too clean though maybe cause it’s Cavill but things could change in the future. We’ll only know later on.


Source: Netflix