Vetri Maaran To Remove Wedding Night Scene From Vada Chennai After Outrage By Fisherfolk

A wedding night scene from Vada Chennai has offended a few fishermen communities.

Vetri Maaran, the director of the recently-released Tamil film Vada Chennai has announced that the scenes deemed offensive to the fishing community in northern Chennai, where the premise of the film is set, will be deleted.

In a video statement released by the director on Monday, he apologised to anyone who may have been hurt by the film. “A few fisherfolk groups have posted that few of the scenes in the film have degraded their community and has caused hurt. Our intention is to never to indulge in politics or make a film against any marginalised community. If the characters and events in the film hurt anyone then we express our regret and apologize for it,” he said.

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Vada Chennai or North Chennai is home to a majority of the fishing community in the city. The film chronicles 30 years in the life of a gangster from North Chennai. According to posts on social media since the film’s release, members of the fishing community took umbrage to certain scenes in the gangster flick that stereotyped their lives.

In Vada Chennai, there is a lovemaking scene between Ameer and Andrea on the moving boat. A section of fishermen community was upset with the scene as the boat is like a temple for them and such portrayal hurt their sentiments.

This in many ways, is a step backward. Censorship only serves to hinder the growth of this industry, as setting these boundaries only hold back creativity.