Lady Gaga Fans Make Fake Reviews For Venom Urging People To See A Star Is Born

Gaga fans can be real monsters.

The spotlight’s on two films this weekend, one being the long awaited Venom starring Tom Hardy and A Star Is Born starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Early reactions for Venom point to a mixed reception for the film but A Star is Born is garnering critical acclaim and some serious Oscar buzz. Both films are bound to do well cause they’re both tackling pretty different target demographics but Venom is projected to come out on top, perhaps even breaking the record for biggest October opening weekend.

Both films also have a serious fanbase with Gaga fans going gaga (Sorry, I had to) for the Cooper and Gaga led film and Venom being well, a Marvel film. However, Gaga fans seem just as passionate as comic book fans as they may be going way out of their way to get one film an advantage over the other.

BuzzFeed reports some weird s–t going on with some Venom “reviews”, collecting a bunch of tweets that appear to be pro-Lady Gaga bots spreading negative opinions on the film, urging people to check out A Star Is Born instead. The pattern is pretty clear with much of these opinions being pretty much the same. One user named @LGMonster95, who is clearly a Gaga fan based of the username revealed that there is a sort of “coordinated effort” to tear down Venom. But that’s not it, one user has owned up to it claiming that they were just “trolling”.

Some have even pointed to DC fans to be the cause of all this with word of DC paying critics to provide bad reviews for Venom. Venom fans retaliated making fake anti-A Star Is Born tweets to mock Gaga fans for being such low human beings (Granted, two wrongs don’t make a right).

This is pretty stupid. Star Wars and comic book fans can be crazy but Gaga fans are psycho too it seems. I mean, we already know that when it comes to the music scene but this is film, kids! take the petty pop bulls–t somewhere else. Whatever it is, both films are bound to be successful but let’s hope this doesn’t ruin anything idiotically for both films. Watch Venom if you want to, watch A Star Is Born if you want to, or hell, watch both.


Source: BuzzFeed