Venom: Early Social Media Reactions Indicate A Mixed Reception

Not really sure what to make of these.

We’re going to finally see the long awaited Venom film starring Tom Hardy in all its PG-13 glory pretty damn soon. The film has had plenty of marketing behind it and despite its PG-13 rating (People were speculating a Rated-R flick), the film will likely still be on people’s radar. The film is already projected to break the October opening weekend box-office record if reviews happen to be on their side. It’s been a long journey but we’re almost there but it looks like we’re getting some hints as to whether or not this film lives up to the hype.

Venom had its premiere opening in Los Angeles, CA earlier and we’ve gotten some early reactions on social media for the film from various film critics. Check them out below:

Yeah, I’m not sure what to make of these early reactions cause it sounds interesting but it doesn’t really look like it’s pointing to something good. ‘Mixed reception’ best describes these reactions cause it looks like the film had a lot of stuff that really worked and a lot of stuff that didn’t. One’s pointing to the film being fun but in a Rocky Horror sorta way so that may be good but one of them straight up calls it a failure so… yeah.

This isn’t really a huge surprise but campy fun is still fun so that may not be a problem for some people. General audiences and comic book fans may dig it and it’s Tom Hardy! If Hardy’s in something, it’s a must-watch.


Source: Mike Ryan , Meg Downey , Brandon Davis , Beatrice Verhoeven , Tom Jorgensen , Perri Nemiroff