New Venom Clip Has Venom Mercilessly Taking Down A Bunch Of Armed Men

If only this is Rated-R…

Venom is just around the corner and Sony is really pushing their marketing to make sure they gets butts into seats. Directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and starring Tom Hardy, the film sees journalist Eddie Brock investigating the Life Foundation to find an alien symbiote coming into contact and bonding with him, giving him superpowers. There was plenty of anticipation for the film to be Rated-R but alas, that was not the case as the film is rated PG-13 but that’s not going to stop Sony from trying to build hype.

A new clip for the film has surfaced, featuring Eddie Brock confronted by a group of armed men, most likely Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed)’s boys. Brock turns to the beast Venom as the men gun him down but that’s not enough for take him down. Venom f–ks them all up mercilessly in this little over 30 second clip. Check it out below:

YouTube video

God, if only this film is Rated-R! It would have been so cool to see Venom destroy these guys with blood and guts spread wonderfully throughout the screen. I still looks pretty cool but I sure hope that the film has more to offer than just CGI heavy hitting cause s–t like that can really grow old after some time.

Despite the PG-13 rating, the film still looks like it would be successful at the box-office. The prospects are pointing to the film to shatter the October opening weekend box-office record held by Gravity and although this isn’t set in stone, good reviews may likely help it a lot. We’ll find out next week.

Venom is scheduled to be released on October 5, 2018


Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment