Game Of Thrones: Peter Dinklage Reflects On His Final Day Shooting

We get what you mean Peter.

With HBO’s epic fantasy series Game of Thrones coming to an end next year, it’s going to be a sad day for a lot of people. No one will die (In real life at least) as far as we know but it’ll be hard to say goodbye to a show that’s embedded in popular culture for so long now. Us fans aren’t the only ones feeling that way cause it’s likely that plenty of the cast and crew would feel somewhat melancholic when it comes to a close. One of them being Peter Dinklage who plays fan favorite Tyrion Lannister.

Dinklage won his third Emmy for his performance in the hit series and with the final season rolling around next year, he might be able to pull off another Emmy winning performance. Dinklage himself has already wrapped up production for the series and he has a thing or two to say about that. Speaking to Indiewire backstage at the Emmys, Dinklage was asked about his final day on set. He said:

“It was very sad, This is not only a great TV show to be a part of, but it was an enormous family to be a part of.”

Well, Dinklage has been a staple on the show since the start way back in 2011 and he has no doubt formed a huge connection there. He added:

“I was far from home, I live in New York and we shot the show in Europe, so many times I had to stay there and couldn’t go home on the weekends and really developed deep roots in the community of Ireland and some of the other countries we shot in. Definitely hard to say goodbye to because it wasn’t just saying goodbye to the show, [it] was saying goodbye to a life over there.”

Well, next year may very well be the last time we see these beloved characters including Tyrion but we know that there’s still plenty of Game of Thrones related projects planned and a prequel that is underway. There may be new characters for us to root for and cry about if they get mercilessly beheaded.
Source: Indiewire