Solo: A Star Wars Story Reused The Millennium Falcon From The Force Awakens

Well, can’t really blame them.

Solo: A Star Wars Story underwent a pretty tumultuous production process and the film didn’t really do all that well at the box-office. For a Star Wars spin-off, the film had a pretty big budget of $275 million being the most expensive Star Wars film to date. The change of directors didn’t help a lot either as Ron Howard took over directorial duties from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, needing to re-shoot most of the film.

With this in mind, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the film were to attempt to save as much money as they could and it looks like they did try to do so by re-using the same Millennium Falcon from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. On the Solo Blu-ray special feature “Remaking The Millennium Falcon,” supervising art director Alastair Bullock revealed:

“This is the original, well, not the ‘original’ original Falcon. But it was the Falcon set that we built on Episode VII.” 

The Falcon in Solo did look a little different but Assistant Art Director Liam Georgensen did in fact assure that it’s the same Falcon, saying:

“If we were to take down certain bits of this set, the older pieces of the set are still there. Beneath this facade is still the Falcon they know and love.”

This move still didn’t really affect the film’s performance at the box-office though since the film didn’t even hit the $500 million mark. There’s nothing really criminal about doing this but it’s interesting to see how despite their efforts financially, the film still didn’t do very well. Solo wasn’t really a bad film but god, was this a real blow.