Venom Movie Has A PG-13 Rating

Not really a huge surprise.

The upcoming Venom film set to be released early next month is something to really look forward to. Throughout its promotional campaigns, there was plenty of hype surrounding it despite some of its somewhat cheesy dialogue in the trailer. Recent estimates have also been pointing to a massive box-office opening weekend for the film, perhaps even breaking the October opening weekend record held by Gravity if the reviews aren’t horrible.

Another thing that built some excitement or at least caught some attention would be the possibility of it being Rated-R. For a while, we weren’t very certain if the film was going to be Rated-R but with the whole anti-hero approach the film is taking, a more adult spin seemed plausible especially since Venom isn’t part of Sony’s deal with Disney. Plus, it also seemed like it would have some horror aspects to it and Sony really did seem like they wanted to go all out. Well, it looks like it might not be the case as the film’s potential rating and runtime has been revealed.

Collider reports that tickets are on sale for the Venom film and it looks like it will have a PG-13 rating with a runtime of 112 minutes (For now at least). The official Venom website also points to a PG-13 film for “Intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for language” Well this sucks but it’s not really a big surprise since Sony didn’t actually come out and say it’ll be Rated-R, most of us just expected it. It looks like Venom won’t be going the Logan or Deapool route and perhaps a wider audience is really what they want. That doesn’t mean the film will be bad but it would have made Sony’s Marvel Universe stand out a little more.

I won’t lie, my excitement for the film has been lowered but who knows? Maybe they pushed the limits of the PG-13 rating and we’ve seen some pretty intense PG-13 films. Also maybe this move would open the door to a Spider-Man crossover.


Source: Collider , Venom