Venom Is Expected To Shatter October Opening Weekend Box-Office Record

Hopefully the reviews are good.

Summer blockbuster season is over and you know what that means… Pretentious film nerds come out to plaaayyy. Yeah, there are some big blockbusters still in the line-up including Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald this November and Aquaman this December but for the most part, this is the time for films to get that serious Oscar buzz. That doesn’t mean If Beale Street Could Talk will crack the top 10 highest grossing films of the year but they will still be getting a ton of traction. However, comic book films would likely do stronger including the upcoming Venom film set to be released early next month and it seems that the film is expected to prove pretty damn successful at the box-office.

This isn’t really set in stone but Deadline reports that industry estimates for Venom are pointing to a box-office number ranging from $60 million to $70 million on opening weekend. The record is held by 2013’s Oscar winning Gravity which stands a staggering $55.7 million on opening weekend but estimates are pointing to Venom to shatter this. Set to be released on October 5, it does have some competition with Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut A Star Is Born, set to really have some steam having picked up a ton of Oscar buzz.

Reportedly, Venom seems to be the safest bet here since it’s not only pretty familiar but it’s also a genre film. Currently, Venom is strongest among the male demographic both young and old but it does have a strong female demographic too. Plus, it’s a comic book film and everyone has somewhat heard of Venom. A Star Is Born would likely make general audiences scratch their heads but take into account that Lady Gaga is one of the stars and we know that Gaga is huge even in the film world. A Star Is Born still has a strong female demographic over 25 and the mid to high $20 million mark seems the most likely.

Yeah, Venom would be doing well but these chances would drop if the reviews won’t help them. It’s hard to really say if this film will be good but we’ll only find out once it’s out.


Source: Deadline