A Look At Pedro Pascal’s Character For Wonder Woman 2

So much 80s.

Wonder Woman is arguably the only ‘good’ film in the DCEU and it’s safe to say that there’s plenty of hype surrounding Wonder Woman 1984 set to be released next year. With a cast featuring Gal Gadot as the titular character, Chris Pine, Kriten Wiig and Pedro Pascal along with director Patty Jenkins returning to helm the project, this is looking to serve up on hell of a film. The 1980s setting also looks like it’ll be able to offer up some sweet narrative and nostalgia and one actor should not have much trouble with that time period. I’m talking about Narcos actor Pedro Pascal.

Patty Jenkins has unveiled via Twitter a first look at the actor and he looks great and it has those 80s vibe all over it. The image is framed in an old-fashioned CRT TV and it looks like Pascal is in some commercial or TV broadcast. it’s unsure what character he’ll be playing but there’s plenty of speculation that points to a role as Max Lord.

Take into account that this is only speculation since we only have the image to work with. Max Lord is a powerful businessman who was a pain in the a– to the Justice League. He was in control of the League for some time and never really saw eye to eye with Wonder Woman. This would likely stir up some tension and be an integral part of the film if this is the route their going.

Pascal is a great actor known for his mind-blowing (hehe) role in Game of Thrones and the acclaimed crime series Narcos as Javier Pena. He has some experience with the time period (granted, the show doesn’t only take place in the 80s) and although this doesn’t mean he’s an expert in the era but his look sure is fitting. Wonder Woman 1984 will likely be a good entry in the DCEU and hopefully the other slated films will also be able to deliver.


Source: Patty Jenkins / Twitter