Jeffrey Dean Morgan Uncertain If He Will Take On Batman In Flashpoint Storyline

But don’t count him out just yet.

DC may have some anticipated films in store for us such as the upcoming Aquaman film and Shazam!  film but it seems that the aftermath of its previous installments along with some changes in the direction of its future may have changed some other plans. Zack Snyder stepping away from the DC Extended Universe may have left some uncertainty in regards to an adaptation of the Flashpoint storyline particularly with the role of Batman according to The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The Flashpoint storyline from DC Comics sees Barry Allen AKA The Flash travelling to another dimension which finds Superman serving as a U.S. government lab rat, Cyborg hailed as the world’s ultimate hero, a war raging between Aquaman and Wonder Woman and the role of Batman being taken over by Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father after Bruce is gunned down instead of his parents in the well-known origin story.

In March, Games Radar reported that Morgan and Snyder talked about working together in a Batman project when they were working on Watchmen with Morgan taking up the role as the darker incarnation the character. He said at the time:

“DC is DC and they’ll figure out what they’re going to do next… but I’m highly aware of the character, I will say that. I’m highly aware of the character, and it would probably be a thrill of a lifetime to put on the Batsuit.”

Now Morgan is expressing some skepticism on that while speaking to MTV at San Diego Comic-Con. He said:

“When Zack Snyder was involved in the DC world more, I think there was a real possibility, but now that he’s kinda stepped away a little bit — I’ve heard different things, that Flashpoint might not be going in that direction, it’ll be more of an origin story for Flash… but look, I’m always here, and would love to do it.”

Well, that’s a shame but let’s not count the possibility out just yet since he’s not confirming or denying anything,plus he’s ready to take on the role. We might not be seeing it anytime soon cause DC might not be taking too many risks just yet cause that story-line is not only dark but it would really subvert general film-goers’ expectations. Like the Joker is Bruce Wayne’s Mom! Maybe it can happen in the future if the DCEU really places a hold in the blockbuster industry.


Source: MTV , Games Radar