Future DC Movies Said To Be Standalone Adventures With Very Few Crossovers

This is a smart move.

DC might not have had the best 2017, thanks to Justice League closing out and barely making its money back, but many are hoping the next few years will be different. Aquaman is coming out in December and there is plenty of hype surrounding next year’s Wonder Woman 1984, even if bringing back Chris Pine is a baffling decision.

According to Daniel R, the Twitter user who has broken plenty of DC-related news in the past, Warner Bros. will be focusing on standalone DC movies for the time being. This makes sense since Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman 1984 are the only live-action DC movies we know about thus far.

Image result for Probably for the best. I trust Jenkins, Wan, Reeves and Sandberg to deliver their own great stand-alone Superhero films. Then someday down the road they'll crossover again (and this time they'll make it work)

This is very good news if true. DC started doing crossovers too early with Batman V Superman and it resulted in a huge mess.

This supposed renewed focus on standalone movies is very good news and could make for a much more interesting cinematic universe. All of this only heaps yet more pressure on Aquaman‘s burly shoulders. The standalone epic isn’t due to arrive until December, but with SDCC right around the corner, we’ll surely find out more about Warner’s superhero slate sooner rather than later.

Source: Daniel R (via Twitter)