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Carrie Fisher’s Brother Wants Disney To Use Her Image In Future Star Wars Projects

Her role is indelible in the Star Wars universe.

In spite of Carrie Fisher’s tragic passing, her brother Todd is perfectly open, if not insisting, that Disney continues to use Fisher’s Leia and her image in future Star Wars projects. reports that Fisher said:

“I want her to (appear again). I have my own opinion on that. Disney of course spent the billions to decide but, ultimately, from the brother’s standpoint, I would love to see Carrie come back.” 

He believes that her legacy would be carried on if not be made stronger through her presence in the franchise. He expressed this sentiment in a statement that

“She never really left. If you look at the heart of what Star Wars is about, it’s very much about the Jedi way and the spirituality of the Jedi. And how this life is just a prelude to the next.”

While the intention is noble, the technological capability to fully capture Fisher’s presence on screen is still a matter of contention. In the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, CGI-rendered versions of Tarkin and Leia were definitely noticeable, to say the least and were reliant on motion capture performances to bring to facial expressions and mannerisms to life. Therefore Disney would have to not only find an actress that can match a similar enough mould of Fisher’s Leia in terms of voice and face but also develop its CGI technology to bridge the gap of the uncanny valley.

For now, however, the future for the character remains uncertain beyond rumours and speculation. How Disney and director J.J. Abrams plans to resolve this issue for Episode XI is also still unknown.