Sicario 2 Early Reviews Indicate A Fantastic Sequel

Oh, thank god.

A sequel to a gripping dramatic thriller is not something we see a lot of in Hollywood these days. When a sequel to the acclaimed Sicario was announced, some were skeptical on this attempt to follow up Dennis Villeneuve’s crime drama. This, coupled with the absence of Villeneuve, star Emily Blunt and now-Oscar winning cinematographer Roger Deakins for its sequel Sicario: Day of the Soldado left some wondering if this sequel was necessary in the first place. Well, despite this, the early reception for the film has indicated that director Stefano Sollima managed to deliver a strong follow up.

The trailer for the film seemed like it would deliver more on the action front this time around along with a return from Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro. One would assume this approach would tarnish what the original established but it seems that early social media reviews have good things to say about the film.

It seems that writer Taylor Sheridan’s screenplay still packs the punch that the original did along with strong performances from Brolin and Del Toro. Some have argued that it did not contain the visual splendor of the first film but it still seems like something to look out for.

Well, that’s reassuring and it’s definitely something audiences can look forward to come release date later this month. Even if the film is going to emphasize action a little bit more, it good to see that the film is shaping up to be a good sequel. If this film does well at the box-office, chances of a trilogy seems likely.

Sicario: Day of the Soldado will hit theaters worldwide on June 29.