Ben Affleck Apparently Wants To Keep Playing Batman In The DCEU

The Ben Affleck Batman roller coaster never stops.

For over a year now there have been reports that Affleck’s days as Batman were numbered. It’s been almost a year since Justice League was released, and still, we have no real confirmation about the status of Ben Affleck as Batman. The future of the actor’s tenure as the Dark Knight was cast in doubt, as DC’s ensemble film failed to live up to expectations of both fans and critics. Multiple reports surfaced, claiming that Affleck was done with the role, with some reports saying he was finished. Affleck himself even admitted that he intends to do the last movie on his contract and find a “graceful and cool” way to exit the role.

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Now, a new rumour has surfaced, one that might instill hope in the hearts of DCEU fans once more. This new rumour comes from Twitter user @DanielRPK, who has proven to be a reliable source, Affleck now wants to stick around as the DC Extended Universe’s Batman. Daniel cautions that this is just a rumour, so keep that in mind.

Only time will tell if this rumour is true or not, although there is no denying that it would be welcome news for the DCEU. Even though Affleck’s original casting as Bruce Wayne was controversial at best, the actor managed to become a standout in his respective movies. Let’s hope that this is a sign that the actor isn’t done with the franchise or the role, and that he will keep putting in appearances as the Dark Knight for a long time to come.

Source: Daniel RPK (via Batman News)