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Avengers Directors Discuss What They Would’ve Done Differently in Star Wars

It’s no secret that the Russo brothers, who gave us Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, are huge geeks! I mean, if their feature film resume isn’t a big enough indication, these are also the guys behind some of the best episodes of Community. The duo has also been very vocal about their love for Star Wars. But would they have handled certain story arcs differently?

Well, in an interview with ComingSoon.net, the Russo Brothers were asked what they thought of Luke and Rey being tempted by the dark side in terms of a power grab, compared to the prequel trilogy where Anakin shifted towards the dark because he had to choose between being a Jedi and saving the woman he loves. Joe Russo said:

“I mean I think being such Star Wars fanatics, we would’ve probably focused on the Luke Skywalker story. And so, to me, there was the potential for three movies focusing on that arc coming to completion. But different choices you can make.

Anthony Russo followed that up with a ponderous point of his own:

“That’s a really good point in a sense that you don’t really think — they don’t seem very likely to make that choice, but it just reminds me of how similar our enjoyment of these movies is to something like opera in the sense that there can be these crude sort of narrative beats that maybe don’t play in a very subtle or sophisticated way, but there’s something about their resonance and there’s something about the way the rest of the cinema surrounds that moment and then the music and the iconography and the drama of it all that somehow creates emotion and sort of excitement and thrill and danger and peril. It’s just a reminder to me when you’re pointing your finger at something that seems weak or fit, at like how much the other elements, that sort of cinematic experience perceived is to what we walk away from a movie with.”