Suicide Squad

David Ayer Says Ask HBO Max For His Suicide Squad Ayer Cut

Now that a pocket of DC fans have gotten what they want, with Zack Snyder confirming the upcoming release of Justice League Snyder Cut on HBO Max, another pocket of fans (or maybe it’s the same pocket) have started championing for “Suicide Squad Ayer Cut,” and just like the Justice League director, David Ayer is right there with the fans. Since the release of JL Snyder Cut was confirmed, David Ayer has been campaigning alongside fans to release his unadulterated version of Suicide Squad. (Legend has it that the version we saw in theatres a few years ago was butchered by Warner Bros executives, who took Ayer’s raw footage and gave it to a trailer/music video company to patch it together.)

In a recent Q&A with fans, David Ayer was asked if he can reveal if there is indeed a director’s Cut of Suicide Squad that’s kept hidden in a cave somewhere. To which Ayer replied, “Cut definitely exists — you’ll need to ask ATT and HBOMax to let it see the sunlight.”

This confirmation isn’t exactly anything new. Ayer has been talking about his cut of Suicide Squad for ages, but he’s certainly been way more explicit about it in recent years, and this Tweet only adds another splash of fuel to the fire.