Fans Want Mike Moh For Marvel’s Shang-Chi And He Seems Cool With It

He seems perfect for the part.

Marvel is further diversifying their cast of characters as there is now going to be a Shang-Chi film in development. The film centered on the Chinese martial arts master looks like it’s going to be pretty sick with some solid names attached to it. Director Destin Daniel Cretton (Short Term 12) is set to direct it with David Callaham to pen the screenplay. The script would apparently be modernized to avoid stereotypes which the comics in the 1970s was somewhat guilty of so we can expect a solid film surrounding the character. We don’t really have casting news yet but it looks like Inhumans actor Mike Moh is being touted by fans to take on the role of the lead character and he seems pretty cool with doing so.

Taking to Twitter to reply to a tweet by a fan who highlighted how awesome it would be with Moh as Shang-Chi (I’m just paraphrasing), the actor retweeted the fan’s proclamation with a simple folded hands emoji which could honestly mean anything but he could be implying interest in doing it. Or at least, he’s cool with it or flattered by the suggestion. Check it out below:

Some fans also expressed support to the notion of Moh taking on the role of Shang-Chi cause he seems pretty appropriate for the part.

The dude is a martial artist so he has that down and he’s going to be playing Bruce Lee in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood so that’s indicative of what could possibly be. Hell, even Patton Oswalt expressed support for Moh taking on the character. Check it out below:

The Inhuman television series isn’t exactly great but with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood being released this year, it could provide us a taste on what to expect from Moh if he were to take on the role of Shang-Chi. For now, it’s just wishful thinking but damn, Moh looks to be the best option for Marvel but who knows? they might feel differently. Only time will tell.


Source: Mike Moh/Twitter , Robert T. Alfaro/Twitter , Zacc Hiatt/Twitter