Joker Director Reveals New Image Of Joaquin Phoenix In Character

It’s been a while Todd.

We may have a ton of comic book films to be released this year but none looks to be as interesting as the upcoming Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix. The film is set to be an origin story and is looking to be a more grounded comic book film as compared to most of the films from the genre. There is a chance that the film would be Rated-R as well since it is apparently more of a crime drama in the vein of films like Taxi Driver. Whatever it is, director Todd Philips has our attention for this film and with Phoenix as the lead, it is looking to be great.

Joker has wrapped production a while back and we’ve gotten a look at Phoenix in the role mostly thanks to the paparazzi. We also got some good pictures by Philips himself along with a brilliant camera test which would sure as hell alleviate any skepticism for the film. The film is going through the editing process now and Philips has provided a little update on the film with a photo of Phoenix in the role of Arthur Fleck AKA Joker. Check it out below:

Of course it looks cool. Granted, we don’t really have a lot of context to work with but to be honest, you can see a madman emerging from Phoenix. The dude is an amazing actor and we know that he’ll be able to knock it out of the park so no worries there. It’s unsure when a trailer for the film would be dropped but it looks like they may be taking their time with the film to make sure it’s perfect. This photo came after months of little to no updates so we can only hope that they’re focusing on getting the film right.


Source: Todd Philips/Instagram