James Gunn

Guardians Of The Galaxy 3: James Gunn Issues Statement On Rehiring

Welcome back James.

James Gunn is back ladies and gents! The director who took on the Guardians of the Galaxy films has been rehired by Disney to take on the third film. Gunn was fired last July after some old offensive tweets of his resurfaced and well, it was pretty stupid. Him being fired from Disney caused quite a stir with many audiences and industry personnel taking the director’s side on the matter. Recently, it was revealed that the director has been rehired and well, we’re very happy about that.

Gunn isn’t just a Marvel boy as he is also working on the next Suicide Squad film. Him taking on that project happened after he was fired so that’s kinda funny but the dude is home now and we can rejoice about that. We probably won’t be getting Guardians 3 anytime soon cause he’s is busy with Suicide Squad but hell, at least our boy is back and our boy has a few things to say about it.

Gunn took to Twitter to issue a statement on the matter. Okay, that sounds too formal. He took to Twitter to express some gratitude to his supporters and Disney as well as share some of his thoughts. Take into account that he Gunn been relatively silent on social media after he was fired last year so it’s pretty cool to see him back. Check it out below:


With the man who started it all back, we can expect a solid trilogy from the director. It was pretty obvious that he was the man for the job and many directors know that opting to not take the job to direct Guardians 3. God knows when we’ll get the third film but hell, if James Gunn is on board, we got nothing to worry about.


Source: Twitter