Pedro Pascal Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984: Pedro Pascal Glitches When Asked About His Role

Who do you think he’ll be playing in the film?

Wonder Woman 1984 will see some familiar faces back with the likes of leading lady Gal Gadot and her love-interest in the first film Chris Pine. The film will also be seeing some new faces to the mix with the likes of Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) taking on the role of Cheetah and Pedro Pascal (Narcos) taking on the role of… actually we don’t know who he will play.

Pascal’s role in the film is really uncertain and you gotta wonder what Warner Bros. is trying to hide. We got an image of the actor in the role but we still don’t know what role. There has been speculation that he will be playing Maxwell Lord in the film but it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’ll be playing someone completely different. Pascal himself is not budging however so don’t expect him to spill the beans anytime soon.

On WIRED Autocomplete Interview in which celebrities answer “The Web’s Most Searched Questions” about themselves, Pascal alongside his co-star for the upcoming Netflix film Triple Frontier Oscar Isaac graced the screen to provide some fun buddy moments. Isaac then asked Pascal what role he’ll be playing in Wonder Woman 1984 to which Pascal started off with a “I play…” before his face gets all contorted and he falls off the chair to which Isaac responds saying, “That’s what you did, you killed him Google“. Pascal then returned to his seat humorously and said, “Warner Bros. put a chip in my head and your brain explodes if you…” before the video cuts to the next bit. Check it out below:

YouTube video

These two are bloody adorable, just gotta say that. We see Pascal doing that face contortion thing again later on when asked about his name on Google in relation to DC comics character Dr. Fate. We were so close to getting some information but yeah, all we know is that people are also speculating that he might play Dr. Fate it seems. We probably won’t be getting much information on his character anytime soon but the secrecy is really intriguing. His role could be highly significant and it could possibly be indicative of something much bigger for the DCEU.


Source: WIRED