Thanos or Bane

Marvel And DC Fans Argue Over Which Villain Is Better: Thanos Or Bane?

Who do you think is better?.

The ongoing rivalry between Marvel and DC seems to find no end but hell, it gives us something to do. Fans of the respective comic book giants are pretty passionate and a number of them have some pretty strong opinions about these characters. The debate has led to some extensive arguments when bringing into the question the superiority of one franchise over the other. Whether it’s the comics, films of television shows, the rivalry is strong and when you ask a question like ‘Thanos or Bane?’, you are going to cause a riot.

Bane Vs BatmanThis question came from The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill taking to Twitter to incite a war between Marvel and DC fans in regards to which villain is better. Marvel’s Thanos or DC’s Bane?

Both villains are pretty iconic both in the comics and on the big screen with Thanos practically being the center of Avengers: Infinity War and Bane being the main antagonist of The Dark Knight Rises. Both of them proved troublesome for our heroes with Thanos wipping out half the cosmos and Bane breaking Batman’s back. Then again, she didn’t really specify on whether we’re talking about the comics or films but she got some interesting responses.

Yeah, but Thanos’ tale isn’t really done yet and you gotta admit, Bane was super cool while he lasted. That has plenty to do with Tom Hardy’s awesome performance as one fan points out:

Aside from powers, what about their ideology ? Along with their characteristics as villains as some fans point out:

That last guy clearly has some strong opinions. it’s hard to say really cause well… there are a lot of factors at play here. If we’re talking about films, they are very different villains since The Dark Knight trilogy didn’t have sorcerers or a talking raccoon. The work wonderfully for their respective adversaries, that’s for sure but this debate could go on forever. It’s a tough one but I gotta go with Bane simply cause of TOM F–KING HARDY!!!