Tom Holland

Comic Book Loving Cancer Patient Hopes Tom Holland Would Send Her A Video Before Surgery

Paging for Tom Holland! Mr Spider-Man, can you hear us?

Geekdom can a lot of times be a toxic and poisonous place to be. From rage-filled fans hate tweeting Rian Johnson and racist assholes bullying Kelly Marie Tran off Instagram to idiots downvoting Captain Marvel on Rotten Tomatoes before the movie has even hit the big screens, the nerd community at times radiate radioactive chemicals. However, there are also times where we’re reminded exactly why we love being a part of this community.

A couple of days ago, a young girl named Madison Stadem Tweeted out that her best friend, Kaylynn who’s a fan of Tom Holland (and a comic book nerd, as evident from her tank top) was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer. Stadem went on to say that Kaylynn would be undergoing surgery soon and a video or letter from Tom Holland would mean the world to her bestie. The heartwarming tweet has since gone viral with more than 8000 retweets so far.

Not only that, the replies to the tweets consist of people repeatedly tagging Tom Holland, urging the latest live-action version of Peter Parker to respond. While there hasn’t been a reply from Holland yet, we’re sure that he will get around to it soon once he catches wind of the situation. After all, Tom Holland isn’t particularly active on Twitter.

From we wish Kaylynn a speedy recovery. Stay strong, keep fighting and go kick cancer’s ass. May the force be with you, always.